How to Communicate With Congress

Talking to lawmakers and staff is a challenge. Meetings are brief. Inboxes are stuffed. How does your team command attention and communicate effectively?

Watch this webinar to hear a discussion with top former hill staffers who can explain exactly how to cut through the noise and make an impact on your issues. Our bipartisan panel of experts explains what it’s like on the other side, including:

  • The role of constituent communications in a congressional office
  • Why showing impact in the district is your first priority
  • How constituent stories can help move the needle
  • Why creating a specific “ask” is helpful to lawmakers
  • The role of staff in surfacing issues
  • What you can do to help lawmakers help you


Lea Sulkala

Principal, Resolution Public Affairs

Lea served as a chief of staff to a Democrat in the U.S. House, as Senior Director for Federal Affairs at PhRMA and as Manager of Government Relations at the American Heart Association. She is now a principal at Resolution Public Affairs.

Jimmy Keady

Founder and President, JLK Political Strategies

Jimmy served as a chief of staff and senior advisor to a Republican in the U.S. House, Political Director for Virginia's House Republican Campaign Committee, and has extensive political experience, working on more than 50 races nationwide. He is the founder of JLK Political Strategies.


Nick DeSarno

Director, Digital and Policy Communications, Public Affairs Council

Nick is the director of digital and policy communications for the Public Affairs Council, former Manager of Grassroots Political Education at the American Dental Association and a former deputy communications director in the House.