Live webinar

Thursday, August 18 at 01:00pm EST

How Expedia Talks About the Election

Expedia Group has roughly 24,000 employees in the United States. In 2020, the company decided to engage them around the election, developing a nonpartisan program that helped thousands of people educate themselves, register and cast a ballot.

Join us for a webinar Thursday, Aug. 18 at 1 p.m. EST to discuss how organizations can provide resources, engage their audience and promote civic participation. Our expert panel includes Phil Minardi, Director of Public Affairs at Expedia Group, and Jeb Ory, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Capitol Canary, who works with hundreds of organizations on advocacy each year.

They will discuss:

  • Current research that shows people trust membership organizations and their employers to provide solid information. More than 80% want CEOs to discuss public policy.
  • How companies, associations and nonprofits can engage their audiences without getting mired in partisan arguments.
  • How an Election Center on your website can become the hub of a civic participation program. (Expedia’s was hit more than 8,000 times).
  • How Expedia hosted an election education event that drew more than 1,000 employees nationwide.

The 2022 midterm election could not be more consequential. It will determine which party controls Congress, the future of the administration’s agenda and which presidential candidates have momentum going into 2024. Discover how you can help your audience navigate.

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