Show the Value of Your Program

In every corporate environment, teams are expected to report on progress and show return on investment. It’s how business units talk to the boss.

Government Relations and Public Affairs teams are no exception. The metrics are different—sometimes less understood—but explaining your strategy, challenges and performance is vital to draw resources and grow your program.

Our latest guide, Show the Value of Your Program, provides strategies and pro-tips on how to advocate for your program internally, making use of Capitol Canary’s first-in-class reporting and data metrics.

You will learn:

  • How to get leadership to buy into your vision
  • How to define success, set expectations and agree on the right metrics
  • How to accurately report progress and challenges
  • How to create memos and presentations that get attention
  • How technology and the right tools can make an immediate impact

Capitol Canary has been empowering organizations to mobilize supporters for almost a decade now, and part of that is showing off the value of your work. Your team is more than a cost center. To learn how you can tell that story, download our guide.