Sharpen Your Advocacy in an Election Year

Advocacy can be tough in an election year. Partisan rhetoric increases. The noise level rises. Thousands of state and federal candidates will be loudly discussing issues—your issues.

Smart organizations are getting ready now. Our latest guide, Sharpen Your Advocacy in an Election Year, shows how associations, nonprofits and other member organizations can modernize election and communication programs, cut through the noise and maximize influence in 2022. The guide explains:

  • How to set election-year goals on issue advocacy, GOTV and other strategies
  • How to use the P.O.W.E.R Plan as a quick blueprint to get your organization ready
  • How to create an election-year communications plan that minimizes fire drills
  • How to upgrade your capability to respond quickly and communicate effectively in a noisy environment
  • How a GOTV Election Center, text messaging and other tools can improve election-year performance
  • How to ensure you have the right technology to get the job done

This year’s election will decide almost 7,000 state and federal seats nationwide, in a landscape where voting rules are changing. Voters will need reliable information from sources they trust. Download the guide to learn how your organization can sharpen advocacy, carry your message  and increase civic participation.