Meeting With Impact: A Guide To Lawmaker Meetings

To communicate effectively with Congress you have to understand the people across the table and what they need. To help your team improve, Capitol Canary interviewed former high-level congressional staffers who spent years meeting with lobbyists, constituents, advocacy groups and government affairs professionals.

We interviewed former chiefs of staff, communications directors and other experts to go inside congressional offices and find out what resonates, what makes an effective meeting and where organizations most often go wrong. That expertise was used to create Meeting With Impact, an eBook designed to help you make the most of the facetime you get, whether virtual or in person. The eBook covers:

  • Why a meeting with a staffer should never be undervalued
  • How to talk to lawmakers who oppose your position
  • Why it is important to show your impact on the state or district quickly
  • How lawmakers and staff use constituent stories
  • Tips to make “the ask” more effective
  • Why district or state offices should not be overlooked
  • How to follow up meetings more effectively

One in three government affairs professionals say it is getting harder to land meetings with federal lawmakers. Download Meeting With Impact to hear directly from staffers how you can gain an edge when talking to Congress.