How to Increase Your GR Budget

If you run a government affairs team, budget and funding requests are part of the job. Yet many government relations professionals do not come from a business background.

“If you have ever had any difficulty getting a project or even just your annual budget approved and you work in government affairs, you are not alone,” says Jace Johnson, vice president of global government relations at Adobe. “This is a common issue.”

If that sounds familiar, read our guide to learn a step-by-step plan to create a business case that will ensure your next funding request gets the greenlight.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Six steps to create an effective business case that will resonate with executives in your company
  • How to write a two-page proposal that ties your request to company objectives
  • The importance of creating a narrative to explain your proposal
  • The necessity of using data to support your argument
  • How to find a champion within your company to help get your request approved