Hosting A Virtual Fly-In

A virtual fly-in (sometimes also called a Lobby or Hill-Day) is a great way to move your issues forward. While organizations have long relied on face-to-face meetings, a digital fly-in or lobby day has advantages. It can lower costs, increase your reach and dramatically expand participation among your advocates.

The fly-in has always been a great tool to communicate on policy. But it has never been easy. Convincing dozens—sometimes hundreds—of supporters to journey to Washington or a state capital, often at their own expense, is an extreme logistical challenge.

A virtual fly-in can smooth that process. Attending meetings and taking action online is far easier and cheaper than traveling to talk to lawmakers. Many organizations find that their virtual lobby day draws far more participation from supporters than a traditional fly-in. And why not? There’s far less friction.

While there is organization required for any fly-in, traditional or virtual, a digital experience can attract more people and eliminate the variables associated with travel. The result is an event that can be easier to coordinate.