Four Key Facts You Need to Know About State Advocacy

Launching or expanding a state advocacy program can be an exciting and impactful endeavor. Your constituency—and your donors—are likely to see results far more quickly than they will when you work with Congress alone.

But state legislatures are not simply miniature versions of Congress. There are important differences in how you should work with state lawmakers and the critical advocacy tools you will need to be successful. Download the whitepaper Four Key Facts You Need to Know About State Advocacy to learn:

  • How the pace of a state legislature will impact your strategy
  • The surprising things you can do before the sessions even start to maximize your success
  • The key attributes you’ll need and exciting add-ons you’ll want in professional legislative tracking software
  • The must-have features for your advocacy technology platform to run winning grassroots campaigns

Making the necessary investments now—including increasing your understanding of the legislatures you’ll be targeting and having the right tools in place—will lay a strong foundation that allows you to maximize the impact state advocacy can have on your organization’s mission. Download whitepaper to see what your program can do to improve right now.