Driving Impact in the States

State legislatures introduced more than 70,600 bills in 2022, and next year could see even more. Organizations that practice state advocacy face a torrent of legislation at startling speed, begging a simple yet important question.

How do we continue to drive impact in an increasingly turbulent environment?

To answer that question, Capitol Canary and Quorum interviewed experts in state advocacy, including a sitting state senator in Maryland; a lobbyist who has seen 27 legislative sessions in Georgia; and a former gubernatorial staffer in New York. They represent small states and large, Republicans and Democrats, insiders and influencers.

We asked all about the essential ingredients of effective state advocacy, as well as some of the mistakes they often see. The result is Driving Impact in the States, a set of recommendations that can make your team more effective as you prepare for the legislative sessions that kickoff next year. The whitepaper covers how to:

  • Build relationships directly with state lawmakers, including what is helpful and what is not.
  • Learn how to approach governors with the right expectations—and the right argument.
  • Serve as a high-quality source of information and analysis, and fill other needs legislators require to do their jobs.
  • Create an “always-on” advocacy program that creates partnership year round, so you are ready when sessions start.
  • Use constituent voices to maximum effect.

From reproductive rights and pandemic relief to gun control and public safety, the issues that dominate the national conversation are increasingly in the hands of state lawmakers. Download Driving Impact in the States to make sure your team is ready when the action starts next year.