Case Study

A Nonprofit Wins 70% of Local Policy Debates

A national nonprofit supports affordable housing initiatives, including rent control. They rally supporters whenever the local government considers ordinances around this issue. Affordable housing comes up often and frequently without warning. It was very difficult for them to effectively advocate because they learned about upcoming debates too late. They needed a way to get advanced notice when the issue was being considered so that they could mobilize local resources and support them from HQ.


Phone2Action’s State & Local Intelligence was the answer. They set alerts on more than 10,000 towns, cities, and counties. Over the course of a year, more than 400 municipalities considered some ordinance around affordable housing. The nonprofit had time to choose which to focus their efforts on and coordinate effective campaigns. They were successful in 70% of the municipalities they targeted, effectively driving their mission and supporting people in far more places than they ever could have in the past.

Key Results


towns, cities, and counties tracked


opportunities identified


success rate

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