Case Study

A Nonprofit Gets Bill Passed with the Right Cosponsors

A Veterans Service Organization wanted to ensure passage of a bill that would increase funding for mental health care. They needed to recruit cosponsors in order to build momentum for the bill and bring it to the floor. They didn’t have the bandwidth to meet with everyone. So they had to find a way to quickly decide which Members would be the most likely to listen to their message and become cosponsors. How do you identify the most likely cosponsors? That was the problem.


Phone2Action’s Federal Intelligence suite includes tools to analyze lawmaker voting patterns, statements and cosponsorship history to predict the most likely cosponsors of any pending bill. Using Phone2Action, the organization identified 25 lawmakers to target. They set up the meetings and made their case. After the meetings, 20 lawmakers signed on as cosponsors. The bill made it to the floor, passed both chambers, and was signed into law.

Key Results


critical bill


cosponsors secured using Capitol Canary


hours of time trying to research cosponsors

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