Case Study

A Nonprofit Aligns Efforts to Drive More Policy Wins

A major nonprofit used disparate systems to track legislation and run campaigns. They tried to maintain an in-house combination of Sharepoint, spreadsheets, and email chains. Analysts had to pull bills out of their tracking tool and upload them to spreadsheets. Lobbyists kept their own meeting notes and only sometimes added them to the shared site. Campaign data had to be regularly exported. No one could be sure that accurate records were being kept. Decision-makers didn’t always have all of the information they needed. It was a mess.


They started using Capitol Canary’s government affairs platform as their system of record. Immediately, they began to see improvements. The bills, regs, stakeholders, and campaigns were all in one place from the very beginning. Lobbyists use the platform to upload notes immediately after each meeting. Now, campaigns are better informed and launch faster. The head of government affairs gets regular updates. They log more wins each year.

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