Case Study

National Restaurant Association Mobilizes messages to Congress

COVID-19 represented an immediate and existential threat to restaurants. Roughly 110,000 closed their doors, resulting in the loss of 2.5 million jobs and $240 billion in lost revenue, according to the Association’s numbers. As many as 8 million workers were laid off. The industry needed government support on an unprecedented scale.


The Association immediately took action. Using text messaging, email and social media, it empowered members to explain the situation to Congress in their own words. The organization ran 12 campaigns on Phone2Action from March to May of 2020, including some of the most effective launched in any industry. In a single campaign, the association attracted more than 107,000 new advocates, drawing 40 percent from posts shared on Facebook and 17 percent from a text messaging keyword.

Key Results


Advocates mobilized to take action


messages sent to Congress


increase in advocate list


"The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the restaurant industry. But our industry has a voice—and our members are being heard."

Mike Whatley

VP, State Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy

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