Case Study

National Multiple Sclerosis Society uses technology to energize advocates

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Public Policy Conference is its annual fly-in, traditionally a three-day event that trains hundreds of advocates to meet with hundreds of congressional offices and take other actions. Now that it is virtual, the organization needs to keep participation high; get members educated and active; and generate excitement for meetings with lawmakers and staff. Those needs also extend to events in state capitals, as well as advocacy throughout the year.


The Multiple Sclerosis Society uses Capitol Canary’s advocacy suite to manage its massive program. They use text messaging and email to communicate effectively with supporters, first to invite them to the conference and then to drive action while they are there. They use text to make a call to action right from the podium, adding a live map that marks in real time when and where people engage. The map generates momentum. Before and after meetings with lawmakers, the Society runs advocacy campaigns asking their supporters to message Congress. This highly effective event playbook is then repeated in roughly 30 states.

Key Results


people registered for the Public Policy Conference


meetings with congressional offices


advocates met directly with lawmakers and staff


We love all of the functionality. We love that we can do everything state and federal in one place—it's like a one-stop shop. We can do our action alerts, our email sends, our text messages. Everything is done in one place, therefore, all of the data is connected. We rely heavily on stats and metrics reporting, so that makes our lives a lot easier.

Laura Bennett

Director of Grassroots Advocacy

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