Case Study

Lyft Uses Capitol Canary to Support the Sharing Economy

When faced with the threat of legislation that could drastically impact the future of ridesharing, Lyft searched for ways to make it easier for people to advocate for ridesharing laws, from Seattle to Miami.


By using Capitol Canary mobile advocacy tools, Lyft is able to amplify the voices of community members across the U.S.—making it easier for them to let their elected officials know about their support for Lyft’s ridesharing services.


The Capitol Canary platform is powerful, allowing us to be independent and have control over our campaigns. They also have great customer support; help was always available when we needed it. Best of all, we can create campaigns and get them up and running in less than an hour, allowing us to be responsive to the rapidly changing reality of local and state politics. People that take action through a Capitol Canary campaign are important parts of Our advocacy efforts and often testify on our behalf at hearings.

Jeremie Vella, Senior Manager of Digital Organizing


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