Case Study

How to Run a Virtual Fly-in: Lessons from Susan G. Koman

When Susan G. Komen faced the prospect of conducting its annual Washington lobby day in a virtual environment last year, there was no playbook. The fly-in usually involves hundreds of advocates traveling to the Capitol, often at their own expense. Collectively, they visit hundreds of offices in the U.S. House and Senate.

What would that look like in the virtual world?

“We had to scramble and adapt to the new setting,” said Valerie Nauman, Senior Coordinator for Federal Policy and Advocacy.


What the organization found was that a virtual fly-in can be highly effective if engineered and executed correctly. Komen’s training reached a nearly 600 person audience and they created 40 teams of 3 to 5 people who carried out more than 150 virtual congressional meetings—all in a single day.


It’s hard work and a lot of organizing to make sure everything is straight. But people shouldn’t underestimate the power of a virtual Hill-Day.

Valerie Nauman, Senior Coordinator for Federal Policy and Advocacy


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