Case Study

How Expedia Built a GOTV Program

Expedia Group wanted to give its 14,800 U.S. employees tools to engage in the 2020 presidential election, from getting educated on candidates to registering to vote. As a technology company, leadership was committed to using digital solutions that would not increase work for its public affairs team.


Capitol Canary’s GOTV Election Center gave the company a branded page on the company website that served as a single destination for employees to register to vote, research candidates, find polling locations and obtain other important election information.

Key Results


employees visited Expedia’s Election Center.


employees attended Expedia’s election event.

Nearly 150

employees voted for the first time ever.

Almost 50

employees volunteered as poll workers.


It was a priority to help our employees get engaged civically, no matter what side of the aisle they were on. As a company that believes deeply in the power of technology to transform people and communities, we wanted to leverage technology as much as possible in that effort. We are longtime partners of Capitol Canary and it was easy for us to turn to them as a one of the pillars of our get-out-the-vote program.

Philip Minardi

Global Director of Public Affairs, Expedia Group

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