Case Study

Fox: Intelligence Tools Help Tame a Huge Portfolio

Fox is a major media company with a broad portfolio of issues before Congress, the administration and regulators like the Federal Communications Commission. It often competes with America’s largest technology companies, which sometimes promote policies that are unfriendly to legacy media. “Part of our strategy is an equal playing field,” said Kristopher Jones, senior vice president for government relations.


Fox relies on relationships built by its government relations team and the FoxPAC to make its viewpoint heard. Fox uses Capitol Canary federal intelligence suite to give its lobbyists and other team members access to critical information at all times, from legislative staff bios and contacts, to donor potential and competitive outlook for the PAC.


They made it very easy and very functional and it’s all in one place,” Jones said. “That makes it a great asset to us. It definitely saves time and energy. To have it on the phone and be able to swipe away is critical.

Kristopher Jones, Senior vice president for government relations


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