Case Study

Fortune 50 Company Protects its Bottom Line in the States

A major corporation missed a Virginia state bill, which passed within three days of introduction. While it is uncommon for bills to move so quickly, it can happen in the states. Mobilizing your lobbying and top advocates immediately is essential. In this case, the bill cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the lobbyist responsible for Virginia lost their job. The government affairs team knew they needed to make sure this was never repeated.


The company chose Capitol Canary’s State & Local Intelligence suite. This ensured that they get an alert on every issue that matters to them. As soon as they get an alert, they use Capitol Canary to prepare. Powerful analytics show them which state legislators are most effective at getting bills passed. They even track social media to stay on top of where lawmakers stand. Since joining Capitol Canary, they have not missed a single bill. They mitigate risk no matter where it arises.

Key Results


of state bills identified


visibility on relevant social media


alerts on state bills

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