Case Study

A Corporate Govt. Affairs Team Gets the Right Contacts Every Time

A corporate Government Affairs team needed to communicate frequently with congressional and agency staff.

Their existing directory frequently had outdated information on congressional staff. This cost them too many hours while they tracked down accurate information on which staffers were currently in place.

To make matters worse, their directory did not contain agency staff. They had to use a separate product to look them up.


The team decided to switch to Capitol Canary, which contains both up-to-date congressional staff information and complete data on agency staff. Every time they needed to contact someone, they found exactly the right person in the right office.

They simply searched for the staffers they needed to contact and sent their messages. They saved both time and money.

Being able to find up-to-date contact information for all staffers in one place reduced research time by 75%. Being able to drop the separate directory of agency staff saved thousands of dollars.

Key Results


reduction in research time


of dollars saved by consolidating products


is higher because information is up to date

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