Case Study

Converting Conference Attendees To Advocates

The National Recreation and Parks Association’s (NRPA) mission is to advance parks, recreation, and environmental conservation efforts that protect the public’s access to nature.

In the past, email hadn’t been overwhelmingly effective for mobilizing their members, so the NRPA decided to try using a Live Call-to-Action with an SMS keyword at their annual conference. Jayni Rasmussen, the Advocacy and Outreach Manager at NRPA, explained, “Email is a very dicult platform for our members, as they are often away from their desks and receive too many emails as it is. Promoting the new campaign would have been very dicult without the live Call-to-Action.”


Capitol Canary technology allowed conference attendees to text in the keyword “PARKS” to a 5-digit shortcode and then immediately contact their members of Congress and urge them to re-authorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund. In the same action, advocates could also opt-in to become NRPA email and SMS subscribers.

Within the first hour of the Live CTA, 1,944 people had texted “PARKS” to the shortcode.

NRPA displayed a map of the U.S. on a giant screen that showed pins dropping in real-time for every advocate as they contacted their elected officials.

The NRPA exceeded their internal advocacy engagement goal for the three-day conference within four hours of the conference opening.

After the event, the NRPA even sent a text follow-up to their newly-expanded list of SMS subscribers, thanking them for their support.

Key Results


advocates took action


emails sent to Congress


new SMS subscribers


Leadership and attendees alike were hugely impressed with the Live Call-to-Action, especially the map. It drew a large amount of attention to the great work of our team.

Jayni Rasmussen

Advocacy and Outreach Manager, National Parks and Recreation Association

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