Case Study

ClearPath Helped Score a $35 Billion Victory

It is tough to know where members of Congress stand on a bill or an issue, even after face-to-face meetings with legislative staff. “Finding champions for your legislative priorities is difficult,” said Luke Bolar, managing director for external affairs at ClearPath, a group that supports clean energy innovation. “You need to get as much advance warning and ongoing intel of where members of Congress stand so you can plan your outreach effectively.”


Capitol Canary federal intelligence suite allows ClearPath to set up alerts on everything a member of Congress says on an issue or a bill. ClearPath can monitor every tweet, floor speech, quote in local or regional media-even what they say in Committee meetings. This gives ClearPath solid information on where lawmakers stand, and an indicator of when and how ClearPath’s advocacy work has an impact.

Key Results

$35 billion

for clean energy research and development


connections to lawmakers and deeper understanding of where they stand


lobbying efforts and coalition building

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