Case Study

ASAE Gets a 25% Bounce in Productivity

The American Society of Association Executives saw their workload increase dramatically. More bills. More emails to staffers. More coalitions. Their existing government affairs software was clunky. It was slowing them down.

If they didn’t find a new software solution, there was no way that they would be able to handle the work.


The team chose Capitol Canary’s Federal Intelligence suite, and they saw an immediate difference.

The advanced search and alert tools caught a bill that otherwise would have flown under the radar. The staff directory helped them find the right people and to contact them in minutes. The data on political donations helped them craft messages to potential partners that were personalized and impactful. They logged meetings on the fly. Everything went more smoothly. Everyone was more effective.

Key Results


more work done


increased substantially

More data

at their fingertips than they even knew was available

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