Case Study

Amputee Coalition Powers Up GOTV

Leaders at the Amputee Coalition, a nonprofit fighting for the 2.1 million Americans who have lost limbs, needed to help their audience participate in this year’s election without placing a burden on its three-person team. As the group expands its state and federal advocacy, it also needs modern tools to engage a younger audience.


Capitol Canary’s Election Center allows the nonprofit to register and educate voters in every state and congressional district—and communicate with those voters around the election—without heavy manual work. Text messaging and patch-through calling capabilities help modernize their program.

Key Results

The Coalition can help its entire nationwide audience register and vote.

Text messaging allows them to engage an increasingly mobile audience.

Patch-through calling allows for powerful grassroots advocacy at the federal and state level.

Sophisticated segmentation supports the Coalition’s new regional structure, allowing it to grow its list of supporters nationwide


“The get-out-the-vote piece is going to be so crucial to ensure that people are registered, they know where the polling places are and, if they need any type of physical assistance, they can scope it out ahead of time. It just allows them to be prepared.”

Dustin Perchal

Government Relations Manager

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