Case Study

Advocacy is ‘Always On’ at the American Farm Bureau Federation

The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed regulations to require public companies to disclose greenhouse gas emissions. Most farms and ranches are not public companies, but they are part of the supply chain and the American Farm Bureau Federation grew concerned that members would get saddled with complicated disclosure requirements.


The Farm Bureau, together with its state and county affiliates, represents nearly 6 million farming and ranching families nationwide. The organization practices “always-on” advocacy, recruiting and training a group of about 400 key advocate leaders who stand ready to get active. Relying on these leaders and its large membership, the organization used Capitol Canary from Quorum to mobilize farmers and ranchers to contact the SEC and Congress.

Key Results


messages to the SEC and Congress


with top SEC officials


from SEC Chair that “there’s no goal to touch farmers.”


“Grassroots advocacy is a key component. You have to have that constituent perspective. You’ve got to have constituents who want to send messages, who want to come to meetings in DC, who want to go to meetings in the district. Our lobbyists’ job is to inform and to share information. An advocate’s purpose is to provide the impact.”

Cody Lyon

Managing Director for Advocacy and Political Affairs, American Farm Bureau Federation

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