Guide: Advocating Effectively in Congressional Districts

Congress heads back home every August—and you can go with them. Advocating in congressional districts can be a high-impact strategy for organizations that want to gain traction on their issues, punch home a message or simply solidify relationships.

While there is much your organization can do, activity in a congressional district should be thoughtful and well calibrated. Download our guide to learn how your organization can:

  • Understand the political environment in the districts where you operate.
  • Carry out strategic communications that support your strategy without missteps.
  • Embrace communication elements that will resonate with lawmakers and busy staffers.
  • Choose from a menu of more than a dozen high-impact tactics that can achieve your objectives using multiple channels.

Advocacy in congressional districts is about getting a lawmaker’s attention in ways that are difficult to do in Washington, but it requires care. Download our guide to make the best use of the summer slowdown.