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Get out the vote (GOTV)

Talking to your employees about the election and helping them vote is part of good corporate citizenship. Thousands of companies are investing in nonpartisan “get out the vote,” programs. To learn what your company can do, here is a progression of articles and whitepapers designed to help.

The 2022 Election Could Alter Reality for Government Affairs Teams

The 2022 Election Could Alter Reality for Government Affairs Teams

For those thinking that the 2022 election is just another midterm, consider this: the outcome is likely to alter the course of almost every major issue that is part of the national conversation. With control of Congress, 46 state legislatures and 36 gubernatorial seats at stake, it is…


Survey: How Government Affairs Teams Will Work the 2022 Election

It will come as no surprise that 8 out of 10 government affairs professionals say their team will get involved in the 2022 elections. At many organizations, the stakes are too high to remain quiet. But would you imagine that 28% of corporate pros say their company will…


GOTV for Corporations

Our latest guide, GOTV for Corporations, explains how your company can launch successful, nonpartisan GOTV efforts, help your employees participate in the election and build a more effective grassroots program.


Corporate Activism is Mainstream

Download our report, Corporate Activism is Mainstream, to see research into why so many companies are getting active and understand the most important factors that impact company strategy.

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