Advance Your State and Local Public Policy Goals

Monitor and shape policy from the largest state capitals to the smallest cities.


Stay on top of developments. Manage competing priorities.

Follow the whole policy landscape with data on state campaign contributions, social listening, executive orders and more.

Confidently map the regulatory landscape with more information from state regulatory dockets.

Influence the right policymakers with contact information for legislators, staff and even agency employees.


Influence local policy before anyone else knows it’s being discussed.

Get real-time alerts from city councils and county boards. Never miss an update.

Alerts that matter to you, thanks to advanced filters that keep the noise out.

Integrated directories of local officials let you plan direct, grasstops - or grassroots campaigns.


Collaborate. Manage projects. Win.

Tag colleagues, upload reports, and log every activity.

Generate reports on your work in seconds.

Post dynamic maps of important state bills to your website, and keep all stakeholders up to speed.



Legs, regs and policy makers

Spot trends as they emerge with access to the most comprehensive data from over 10x the municipalities than competitors. Easily access contact information and profiles for relevant policymakers and staffers.

Real-time alerts

Never miss an important moment in the statehouses or municipalities. Get advanced warning for when your issues are set to be discussed. Our alerts sift through the noise so you only see what's relevant.

News & social media

Stay on top of what legislators and officials are saying about your issues in the news and across social media platforms.

Stakeholder management

Manage and identify contacts to mobilized in a specific legislator's district. Connect your stakeholders directly to your policy efforts. Centralize all your notes and activity in one place.

Discover which of your stakeholders have donated to which federal or state lawmakers, and compare PAC summaries and activity. Connect the dots others can't see.

Prepare internal team members for successful meetings. Arm them with policymaker bios, committee assignments, staffers; plus insights and talking points that demonstrate your district or state impact.

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