• July 20, 2022

These Assets Will Help You Plan for the Election

For government affairs teams, the election is a clear opportunity to provide voting information and nonpartisan education to your audience. Here are five assets that can help you do exactly that.

It is easy to write off this year’s election as just another midterm, but that would be a mistake. To understand the scale of change ahead, consider that there are roughly 7,000 federal, state and local seats and more than 18,000 candidates on the ballot nationwide. That means there’s a lot for voters to learn, no matter where they live.

For government affairs teams, the election is a clear opportunity to provide voting information and nonpartisan education to strengthen the relationship with your audience, whether they are employees, members, customers, supporters or other stakeholders.

“People are tired of division,” Josh Finley, senior customer success manager at Capitol Canary, told an audience of government affairs pros earlier this month. “If you can provide a clear channel of nonpartisan education to help people vote, it provides credibility and it empathizes with people. Be a part of the light at the end of the tunnel.”

To help your team plan, here are five assets that can help you understand the election and how your organization can play a meaningful role.

Learn What’s Really at Stake

This year’s election will alter reality for many government affairs teams. With control of Congress, 46 state legislatures and 36 gubernatorial seats at stake, it is hard to think of a major issue that will remain unchanged, no matter what the outcome. Add in new state election laws and a decennial redistricting and the landscape gets complicated. Read our analysis to see the real impact of the 2022 midterm on your team.

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Create a GOTV Program for Your Company

There’s a lot that corporate teams can do this year. In decades past, many companies steered clear of elections. To get involved was to risk alienating employees, customers and other stakeholders, and it was often safer to stay silent. Not anymore. Today, research shows that Americans trust employers and top executives as a reliable source of information, and they want to hear from them on policy. Capitol Canary’s GOTV for Corporations guide explains how your company can launch successful, nonpartisan GOTV efforts, help your employees participate in the election and build a more effective grassroots program.

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Sharpen Election-Year Advocacy at Your Association or Nonprofit

Association and nonprofit teams have a lot of work ahead. Advocacy can be tough in an election year, as partisan rhetoric increases and noise levels rise. Capitol Canary’s Sharpen Your Advocacy in an Election Year guide explains how associations, nonprofits and other member organizations can modernize election and communication programs, cut through the noise and maximize influence in 2022.

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See What Others Are Doing

It will come as no surprise that 8 out of 10 government affairs professionals say their team will get involved in the 2022 elections. At many organizations, the stakes are too high to remain quiet. But would you imagine that 28% of corporate pros say their company will support specific candidates? Or that 41% of companies will devote resources to GOTV? Capitol Canary’s State of Government Affairs Survey asked almost 500 professionals about their biggest challenges, their goals for 2022 and how they will address the election. The answers can help your team set strategy.

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Hear What the Experts Have to Say

Capitol Canary’s Bruce Brownson, the founder of KnowWho, has been analyzing U.S. elections for three decades. In fact, he was born into politics, the son of a Congress member who can remember playing on the loading dock of Longworth House Office Building as a child. Bruce has joined with other Capitol Canary experts to deliver several webinars this year designed to explain the impact of redistricting and what organizations can do to effectively engage their audiences. Take a look at their latest analysis.

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