• May 13, 2021
  • Jeb Ory

Welcome to Our New CEO

The co-founder of Capitol Canary welcomes new CEO Steven Schneider, a major step the company's mission to support public affairs, government relations, and advocacy professionals.

Today, I am proud to announce a milestone in our continuing journey to support public affairs, government relations, and advocacy professionals. Earlier this year, I decided to lead the charge to find a new CEO to head Phone2Action [now Capitol Canary], affording me the opportunity to transition into a new role as our President and Chief Strategy Officer. We have now found our new CEO – Steven Schneider.

Video Conversation with Jeb Ory and Steven Schneider


Last fall, Phone2Action acquired GovPredict and KnowWho to create a new powerful platform for advocacy, intelligence and insights to help government affairs professionals do their jobs. We are now a brand-new company, with a broader reach and bigger dreams. Recruiting Steven is really like recruiting a new co-founder to help drive the new Phone2Action forward (much like when Ximena Hartsock and I recruited Patrick Stoddart). Co-founders – like Emil and Neal from GovPredict, like Tom and Bruce from KnowWho – play a critical role in pushing and evolving businesses forward. In Steven, I see someone with the experience we need, the drive we want, and the mindset of a founder – the perfect match for our future.

Steven joins us after serving for more than a decade at Logi Analytics, a firm that helps companies like IBM, Delta, and Conservation International leverage data to improve their performance. His experience is very relevant to Phone2Action. 

Steven is a founder first. He founded OnDemandIQ, a creator of business intelligence products that was acquired by Logi Analytics in 2008, and went on to hold leadership positions in operations, products and worldwide sales. He took the helm as CEO in 2016 and the company doubled in size in just four years. He did this, in part, by increasing investments in customer success that resulted in increased customer satisfaction – something we take very seriously at Phone2Action.

With Steven’s arrival, I will be transitioning to a new role as President and Chief Strategy Officer, and I could not be more excited. I will be responsible for product strategy and partnerships. The core of my new job is to listen. In the foundational days of building Phone2Action I was heavily involved in client conversations, which helped me understand where your pains, challenges, and opportunities were. Then we would work as a team to translate those insights into software that makes your jobs a little easier. That is what I am most excited about getting back to doing. 

Please join me in welcoming Steven Schneider to our team.

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