• November 2, 2020
  • Jeb Ory

GovPredict Joins the Family

Phone2Action has acquired GovPredict, combining a modern grassroots advocacy solution with a powerful platform for government relations. The result: more policy wins for your team.


I am thrilled to share that Phone2Action [now Capitol Canary] just acquired GovPredict.

We’re excited to combine their powerful platform for government relations, which features legislative and regulatory tracking capabilities (7,000 municipalities are covered at the local level), unparalleled capability for donor research and stakeholder collaboration tools with our modern grassroots advocacy and enterprise communication solution.

When Ximena Hartsock and I launched Phone2Action in 2013, we envisioned a future where people could use their smartphones to participate in the civic process. Over the last seven years, we have had a chance to work with hundreds of organizations who have engaged tens of millions of people on initiatives that matter. We are humbled by the massive response and engagement, and we are committed to continuing this journey, developing innovative advocacy solutions for professionals who work hard to make the world a better place.

We draw on that experience as we look toward the future we are planning together with GovPredict. Our vision is to become the undisputed market leader in the public affairs, government relations and advocacy fields—to be the system of record. We see this new acquisition as a key step forward toward that vision.

The market has been asking for one company to unite the disparate functions of government relations, public affairs, and advocacy in one place. We hear it when we talk to you, our customers. We hear that the current offerings in the market just don’t quite get it done. We hear that we should expand our products and services to give you a single stop to get the job done, with the same level of success you get from our advocacy tools, which have been embraced by so many people. By combining forces with GovPredict, we are creating the first platform that serves all the needs of public affairs and government relations teams.

GovPredict is a fantastic company. Founded in 2015, it went through the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator in Silicon Valley. Its CEO, Emil Pitkin, and his expert team have built a high-growth business that is diverse, full of problem solvers who are passionate about improving how democracy works. They are good leaders, servant leaders who lead by example and put their teams first. We feel they approach the world the same way that Ximena and I did when we started Phone2Action.

We now have a combined 1,000 customers and both companies are dedicated to giving public affairs, government relations and advocacy teams the best tools to track legislative and regulatory issues, manage engagement and influence policy on the issues that matter most to their organizations.

Read more about the acquisition in our press release.

Phone2Action’s vision is to revolutionize the public and government affairs fields. The new, combined offerings position Phone2Action at the center of the fast-paced, ever-evolving government affairs software sector, with a range of solutions to help our customers track legislative and regulatory developments at all levels and engage advocates who can help them drive policy wins. With the expanded suite of products, government relations and public affairs leaders will see the entire landscape, including:

  • When and where their issues are being discussed at the federal, state and local levels—and by whom
  • Which lawmakers—and staffers—matter on any policy, from city council members to members of the U.S. Senate to key regulators in the executive branch
  • Who key donors are, who key influencers are and their potential relationships
  • How to turn up the volume by mobilizing supporters to email, tweet and call decisionmakers to deliver a legislative win

Our platforms will combine into one powerful solution, a comprehensive system that makes work easier for public affairs and government relations teams. We will meet our clients where they are, wherever they are. The ultimate goal is to continue serving our clients, to be their trusted technology partner and their biggest champion.

To learn more about our plan, schedule some time with us here.


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