• February 1, 2022
  • Steven Schneider

New Name, Fierce Game

We're retiring the Phone2Action name to move forward with a new, more focused identity as we continue to transform how policy is won. Call us Capitol Canary.

Today is a big day for our company, our clients and our community. Over the past decade, thousands of organizations have relied on Phone2Action to win their policy battles. Our advocacy software has engaged millions of people and transformed how public policy is shaped, from Capitol Hill to the state house and city hall.

The world is changing rapidly. A public health crisis is altering daily life. Our politics have never been more divided. States are taking up issues once left to Congress. And companies are getting into advocacy at an accelerated rate, as more Americans demand that these organizations help drive change.

Over the last 18 months, we have responded to these changes. We’ve combined three companies to offer an all-in-one solution with best-in-class intelligence for understanding the legislative and regulatory process, high-impact advocacy tools and extremely accurate policymaker contact data into a single, transformative force for government affairs.

It’s clear to us that now is the time to retire the Phone2Action name and move forward with a new, more focused identity as we continue to transform how policy is won. Call us Capitol Canary.

What can you do with Capitol Canary?


We have been on a mission to provide government affairs professionals with a real and decisive advantage, and our new name reflects that mission. Canaries are highly intelligent birds that have helped people know what to do and served as an early warning system for centuries. We chose it as a symbol of the energy, passion and commitment we have to transforming how policy is shaped.

More than 1,200 organizations, including 25% of the Fortune 100, trust us to give them the edge to win their most important battles. As Capitol Canary, we will continue to provide government affairs teams with revolutionary technology designed just for you.

  • Multichannel advocacy tools to quickly and easily launch branded campaigns that engage and mobilize supporters when and where they are needed. Your advantage comes from making it easy for advocates to share personal stories and messages with elected officials, while easily tracking performance.
  • Comprehensive intelligence to stay on top of what key legislators, officials and influencers are communicating about your issues, while keeping your team in the loop. We connect dots others can’t see by bringing in additional data sources, such as donor intelligence and your internal data. With many policy battles being fought in states and local communities, you need deep legislative and regulatory insight at every level of government.
  • Contact information for officials and staffers nationwide that’s hyper-accurate and regularly validated by our dedicated team. No other solution offers this depth of information on officials and their staffers, from Capitol Hill to more than 9,000 cities and counties.

Our goal is to provide everything government relations and advocacy teams need to gain the edge and demonstrate their impact.

Our Mandate to Innovate

Our company was founded on the idea that we can put new and more powerful tools in the hands of those doing the hard work of government affairs. We are motivated and humbled by the big goals of the organizations that work with us: companies like Walmart and Uber; leading associations like National Restaurant Association and PhRMA; and, of course, pacesetting nonprofits like the Innocence Project and the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement.

You’ve given us a mandate to innovate. And we will continue to rise to the challenge. As Capitol Canary, we are excited to bring you new, cutting-edge features that enable you to advance your goals and demonstrate impact.

  • Dashboards and reports that enable you to better understand the performance of your advocacy initiatives. Drawing from our experience measuring the performance of over 100,000 advocacy campaigns, we’ve completely overhauled campaign reporting. You’ll quickly analyze your campaign performance, assess trends in legislator contacts, and gain visibility into which acquisition sources moved the dial the most for your efforts.
  • Impact reports that are compiled in minutes, not hours or days, to equip your stakeholders for successful meetings with policymakers. With just a click of a button, you’ll access reports that include everything about the lawmakers you’re meeting, from complete bios and committee assignments to staffer information. You can also arm your team with key data points about the impact your organization has on the lawmaker’s district or state. If your organization collects it, we can put it in a report and segment it by state and federal district.
  • Get-Out-The-Vote tools that are ready for the 2022 midterms. There’s a lot on the line in the upcoming midterms. No matter which way the votes go, every government affairs program will feel the impact. Our GOTV capabilities make it easy to launch a fully-branded election center so your employees, advocates and supporters can quickly register to vote, check their status, learn about candidates and find information on how to cast a ballot.

As we fully embrace our future as Capitol Canary, we renew our full commitment to support the professionals doing the hard and vital work to shape policy. We look forward to giving you the edge to win, just like we’ve done for so many others.

Canary on.

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