• December 14, 2020
  • Jeb Ory

KnowWho Joins Our Team

Phone2Action acquired KnowWho, the largest and most accurate directory of federal, state and local public officials. We just took a major step forward in powering the governmental affairs field.


Wow. Our team just got bigger. Our company just got better. And what Phone2Action [now Capitol Canary] can deliver for our customers just hit a new level. We just took a major step forward in powering the entire governmental affairs field. How did we do it? 

By acquiring KnowWho, the company that knows more about Washington influencers – from the policy makers to the people influencing them – than any other. 

This is personal for me. When Ximena Hartsock and I started Phone2Action back in 2012, Bruce Brownson, the CEO of KnowWho, was the first mentor I met in the field. We met at the 2012 National Conference of State Legislatures in Chicago. KnowWho had a big booth, and he welcomed me in. Bruce explained his business to me, his perspective on the market, and he encouraged me to move forward with Phone2Action. Phone2Action started to use Bruce’s data a few years later, and we have been customers for more than five years. I consider Bruce a friend, and their data makes our system work better for our clients. 

For 21 years, KnowWho has compiled and maintained the most thorough and accurate database of decision makers and staff available in the industry. Used by the technology providers that serve some of the largest organizations in the world, KnowWho’s data has transformed how the government affairs industry operates. 

KnowWho clients have access to the most up-to-date data on public officials and their staff —including contacts, work history and biographical information—all year round, including after elections and redistricting. Combined with GovPredict’s powerful legislative, regulatory and issue intelligence technology and Phone2Action’s modern advocacy and communications tools, we have assembled the dominant platform in public affairs and government relations, a system of record for organizations that are serious about influencing policy. 

Our view is that our combined platform is the one place you will want to go to spend your time and do your work. But if your organization has also embraced Salesforce, we have an award-winning suite of Salesforce apps to help populate your instance with the lawmakers and policymakers that you interact with every day. 

Read more in The New York Times DealBook coverage

With the full, expanded suite of products, your team (in fact, any team in your organization) can see the entire political landscape:

  • GovPredict shows when and where—and importantly, by whom— issues are being discussed at the federal, state and local levels, and who among your key advocates and stakeholders are actively donating to political campaigns.
  • KnowWho reveals the key legislators and influencers on your issues, the relationships they have, and the best way to contact them.
  • Phone2Action allows you to mobilize employees and advocates instantly, a powerful platform for action and communication that some of the world’s most successful organizations use.

The result is that public affairs and government relations professionals will have access to the very best political intelligence and the means to act on it immediately—all in one smart, easy-to-use platform. 

2020 is coming to an end, but its impact will be felt far into 2021 (and likely, throughout the coming decade). 2021 will feature a new administration, a new cabinet, new stimulus bills, and potentially large-scale legislation like a new infrastructure bill. State legislatures will be grappling with vaccine distribution and threading the needle on stimulating their states and seeing that schools start-up again. 

Phone2Action has always believed in the power of engagement, the idea that organizations can champion ideas, marshal support and make an impact. The founders of GovPredict and KnowWho believe that too, and together we are changing the industry. 

Richer Data. Deeper insights. Better outcomes. It all adds up to more powerful public affairs and government relations programs. And we want to be standing beside you, in the room where it happens, making it happen. 

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