• June 10, 2021

Build an Email Advocacy Program for 2021, not 2001.

The amount of email sent on the Capitol Canary platform doubled from March of 2020, when the pandemic began, to March of 2021. To make your email program more effective, we have introduced new features.

COVID-19 has changed the way that advocacy works. The level of sophistication from corporations, nonprofits and trade associations in how they’ve digitized and virtualized their government relations and public affairs in a short amount of time is inspiring. Capitol Canary has been proud to be a part of the change to help empower the movements that change the world.

If we compare March 2020, when the state of the emergency was announced, to March 2021, Capitol Canary saw a doubling in the amount of email messages that went out through our platform to our clients’ advocates.

Over the last 12 months and in response to this heightened digital activity, Capitol Canary has worked hard to partner with advocacy organizations to help them amplify their own messages and mobilization strategies. One way that we’ve been able to help them is by adding new options to our Advocates filters to help clients segment down their list of grassroots supporters to target advocates in new and innovative ways. This includes new filter categories, allowing filters to be combined with other filters, and saved filters (also known as saved segments). 

These new options empower organizations to precisely target your advocacy campaigns, emails, and SMS messages—so the right people, receive the right messages, and engage their own elected officials with constituent communications that can help pass meaningful legislation or prevent laws’ unintended consequences from impacting organizations’ stakeholders.

Since their introduction, Capitol Canary has consistently heard requests from our users to bring these new features to Email Broadcasting in order to make it easier to target your email audiences. 

Introducing New Filters for Email Broadcasting

This week, our Product and Engineering teams announced that our new filter options and saved filters have come to Email Broadcasting! The update enables targeting to your email audience based on custom filter logic or by applying a set of saved filters natively while drafting your email.  And as an Advocacy Solution Emailer, it is fully integrated into your advocates’ records and activity:

Capitol Canary designed this refresh to give your users more confidence, control, and consistency when targeting their email audiences. Below are just some of the new features of the refreshed email filters, as well as information on how your organization can sign up to receive a demo to learn more about Capitol Canary Email Broadcasting.

Target a Repeat Audience Using Saved Filters

Remembering the exact filter logic that you previously used to target an existing audience can be cumbersome and, sometimes, worry inducing. That’s why the new Capitol Canary Email Broadcasting tool introduced saved filters. Now, once you’ve saved filters on the advocates page, you’ll be able to choose that same filter set with one click when targeting your email audience – all of your opted-in advocates will be targeted. 

Target a New Audience Using New Filters

Sometimes the audience you want to connect with is unique to a single email campaign that you’re running. That’s why the new feature gives you access to all of Capitol Canary filtering options natively in Email Broadcasting. Simply add the filters that you want and click apply. 

If you want to target all of your opted-in advocates, we make that simple as well. 

Has your email program become stale?  Want to get creative in how you holistically think about communicating with your grassroots supporters?  Now is the time to learn more about how the Capitol Canary Email Broadcasting tool can supplement your advocacy strategy.