Government Affairs Software for Associations

Advance Your Agenda and Represent Your Members


Give your members the clout they deserve with Capitol Canary and its market leading grassroots advocacy and intelligence tools.

Get the Edge

Compare bills, markups and more—quickly and easily, to stay ahead of competing efforts.

Stay on top of what legislators and officials are saying in the news and across select social media platforms.

Access detailed reporting and insights on lawmakers to see where support is.

Easily produce, distribute and communicate your impact to lawmakers through district- and state-level briefings.


Impress Your Members

Create beautiful branded campaigns in minutes to engage and motivate your members, fast.

Track engagements and interactions with key policy makers using the most accurate and relevant contact data available.

Quickly follow-up email sends with our audience builder to reach out to members who haven’t engaged yet.

Stay Organized

Keep the whole team, including leadership, informed with detailed reports about your progress and activity.

Collaborate on important matters and log activity as things change on the ground.

Our functionality is Salesforce native so you can easily control your data and accurately record your interactions.


Discover insights and trends