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What started with a vision to mobilize advocates on smart phones has exploded into a comprehensive suite of tools that is revolutionizing government affairs.

We know why you got into government affairs. To change minds and drive outcomes. That’s what we help our clients do every day. We build the intelligence and advocacy tools to monitor and influence public policy from Capitol Hill to city hall.




of the Fortune 100 work with us

American Heart Association
Innocence Project
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Kaiser Permanente
National Association of Manufacturers
Brewers Association
Expedia Group


Ximena Hartsock, one of our founders, came up with the idea when she was organizing tens of thousands of people across the country on education policy. Her vision was simple: make it easier for people to share their feedback on policy directly to lawmakers using the phones they already had in their pocket. That way, we could literally put the power to change the world in the palms of people’s hands.

Jeb Ory, the other founder, loved the idea as soon as he heard it. He had a passion for policy. And had built a few mobile technology companies already. Together, Jeb and Xinema started to work on what became Phone2Action.

It was built for the advocate—when they are on the move. Everything had to be mobile-first, easy to use, and enjoyable. It was also built for the advocacy team, giving them a fully-customizable suite of tools to acquire, engage and mobilize their supporters.

Phone2Action quickly became the leader in advocacy. Twenty-five percent of all messages to Congress go through our action centers. Our client base has grown to over 1,200 and 25% of the Fortune 100 companies use our technology. It’s been an amazing ride. But in some ways, it’s just beginning.

As more and more government affairs teams utilized the platform, the more apparent it became they had other needs beyond advocacy. Even better, the more apparent it became that Phone2Action could help. These teams were drowning in an endless sea of information. Information they needed. But they didn’t have the time, staff or budget to wade through it (no matter how hard they tried) to find the bits that could be the difference between winning and losing a policy battle.


So, we set out on a new quest to fix this. To help the entire government affairs department understand the relevant things going on at the federal, state and local levels. To know how to contact key policymakers and staffers all over the country. And of course, how to mobilize supporters to turn up the heat when and where it was necessary.

This new quest led us to make two exciting acquisitions. In the fall of 2020, we brought on board the number-one source of policymaker contact information, KnowWho, and the most intuitive toolset for federal, state, and local intelligence, GovPredict.

Together, we are now Capitol Canary. 

As we look to the future, we see government affairs departments where everyone knows exactly what’s going on at the localstate, and federal levels; knows exactly whose opinions need to be changed; and moves decisively with lobbying, grasstops and grassroots campaigns.

Look. Public policy affects every aspect of our lives. That’s why what we do, and what you do, is so important. We think the people shaping it should be as prepared, informed and capable as possible when they step into the room. That’s the edge. That’s how you change hearts and minds. That’s how you impact the outcome.

Canary on.



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